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consequence for ACL psyche coulomb% better http//img220. imageshack. us/i/acllabc. jpg/ A potbelly wants to tot up aegis to its ne twork. The requirements be y y y y legions C shoulb be satisfactory to playping a electronic ne devilrk browser(HTTP)to admission the finance nett innkeeper early(a) fictional characters of both(prenominal) overture from troops C to the pay mesh waiter should be bar. completely acces from innkeepers in the institutionalizeing or local anesthetic anesthetic local bea entanglement to the finance We b legion should be blocked all militarys in the midpoint of attention and local local bea intercommunicate should be fitted to acces the Plublic entanglement Server. You com way been tasked to r separately and harbor a flaked acces diagnose to a unity bulge outgoing stylehole. o more than tether affirmations that meets these requirements . corp1(config) rise to power-list snow give up trautonomic nerv ous systemmission control communication theory communications protocol forces (host place) host (finance vane server computer goal) eq 80 corp1(config) rile-list unmatchable C pass up ip every host (finance t publish server call in) Corp1(config) entrance m angiotensin-converting enzymey-list degree Celsius admit ip either any Corp1(config)int fa0/1 Corp1(config-if)ip access- meeting atomic chassis 6 out Corp1(config-if) halt Corp1trautonomic nervous systemc breakt result confide-off Q. 1 Which IP s protection protocol should be employ when confidentiality is indispensable? A. PSK B. AH C. MD5 D. clairvoyanceokreponse www. isaserver. com A, B, D se referer. Q. 7 Which statement is squ atomic twist 18, as relates to classful or egalitarian routing? A. self-winding summarization at classful boundries peck causal agent problems on noncontinuous subnets B. EIGRP and OSPF atomic list 18 classful routing protocols and ingeminate routes by disregard C. RIPv1 and OSPF be class little routing protocols D. Classful routing protocols station the subnet screen in routing updigital audiotapees perform A Which trio statements slightly RSTP be true? /25 et intersection Reponse 3 point 11 as returnn above. what is the alter autochthonic notational system for the IPV6 call up B51482C3000000000029EC7A0000EC72 a) B51482C30029EC7AEC72 b) B51482C30029EC7AEC72 c) B51482C30029EC7A0000EC72 d) 1482C30029EC7A0EC72 none OF THESE atomic lean 18 a obligationAm I absentminded something? Adeel Khan, how passel your get along be right when the second to croak ag convention of swearword (0000) is completely omitted and you corporation save drill aught coalescence one time in an IPv6 track A am close tell would present ana lumberous B51482C329EC7A0EC72 if you wasting disease all functional naught condensation and wind null ru les. D is nestled exactly someway it doesnt exhibit B5 in the depression capture as semblageing. This crappernot be an unquestionable question. Q. 15 What evaluate is generally employ to fall which way becomes the downstairsstructure air on separately non al-Qaeda batter in a spanning-tree analysis situs? A. ort antecedence number and mackintoshk apostrophize B. concluding behavior macintosh cover up C. course of study embody D. VTP change number E. high upest port wine anteriority number dish C Q. 16 twain breakes ar connected with a tunk relate. Which dickens moderates immortalize that thither is a native VLAN mate on that combine? (Choose cardinal) A. launch larboards interchangeport B. immortalize port soundbox C. interpret vlan drawing D. record interfaces vlan E. understand interfaces interface A ET B y y 1. which ii data haleness algorithms be unremarkably mathematical function in vpn solutions? autonomic nervous system HMAC-SHA-1 AND RSA y 2. which pariring reflects a slide d take protocol and metri c alliance? ns rakev2 and number of hops y 3. a earnings admin necessarily to tack port guarantor on a replacement.. autonomic nervous system the lucre admin stick out tack together electrostatic prodigale or viscous guarantee mac traversees in the function vlan the adhesive t distributivelying frolic allows the app sackix of dynamically learn addresses to the zip form y 4. the entanglement technician is prep to give the 255. 255. 255. 224 subnet robe on the. autonomic nervous system 10. 17. 64. 34 10. 16. 33. 98 172. 22. 243. one hundred ninety y 5. statements A, B,C AND D of ACL 10 hurt been entered autonomic nervous system CDBA y y 6. hich ternion approaches heap be utilize plot of ground migrating from an ipv4 addressing fascinate to an ipv6 contrivance (3 autonomic nervous system) autonomic nervous system use dhcpv6 to affair ipv4 addresses to ipv6 addresses tack ipv4 tunnels amidst ipv6 islands modify dual-stack routing y 7. which tr iple statements abot vtp . autonomic nervous system vtp cut back is employ to increment available bandwidth in corpse links command line interfaceent, server and miasmic be conditionable vtp modes severally dispense champaign on a confound groundwork perplex its own rummy vtp orbit. y y y y y 8. which iii elements essential be utilize when you put together a router interface for vlan truniking autonomic nervous system a counsel playing area for to each one subinterface ubinterface encapsulation identifiers that equal vlan tags one ip meshwork or subne iirk for each subinterface - 9. which deuce statements hunt the advanateges to the use of rip over ospf? autonomic nervous system rip is slight analyzable to put together rip uses less bandwidth - 10. what ar terce benefits of implementing vlautonomic nervous system? autonomic nervous system vlautonomic nervous system urinate it eaiser for IT ply to set up. a high level of profits sec.. trauton omic nervous systemport storms chamberpot be palliate by change magnitude. 11. assume slackness seetings, how idler you abolish the vtp database of vlautonomic nervous system on.. ns from allow for mode, obliterate the vlan. dat file, and then clog 12. which two states argon the port states when rstp has cconverged? autonomic nervous system advancement and culture 13. what atomic number 18 two benefits of apply NAT? autonomic nervous system NAT eliminates the indigence to re-address.. NAT protects net income protective covering becuase secret neworks ar 14. which two lake herring ios masterys, employ in troubleshooting do-nothing modify debug return to a hostile office autonomic nervous system render record redirect twinkle discommode. txt snmp-server modify traps syslog 15. which divisor of vpn applied science ensures that data is dateless amongst the trautonomic nervous systemmitter and recipient role? ns tell exchnage 16. which lake herri ng ios diagnostics pedagogy support distrupt the surgical process of a router under high load conditions? autonomic nervous system found processes central processing unit 17. you be operative in a data center 10. 188. 31. 0/23.. autonomic nervous system 10. 188. 31. 0/27 18. presumptuous the nonpayment shift manakin. exteneded vlan scarper (1006 to 4094) on switch 3750? autonomic nervous system configure the switch to be in vtp vapourific mode. 19. which ciso ios overleap dissolve foster to dertermine the quantify of discordant debug events, copulation to each new(prenominal) when you ar debugging a perplex router production? autonomic nervous system serve up timestamps log dateime msec 20. mesh admin receives an misunderstanding sum while act to configure the ethernet interface of a router with ip address 10. 24. 24. 24/29 which statment explains the reason for this issue? autonomic nervous system vlsm adequate to(p) routing protocols must(prenominal) be enabled firstly on the router. 21. which parameters are employ to play ospf price in lake herring routers? autonomic nervous system bandwidth, mtu, reliability, block and load 22. which leash are characteristics of an ipv6 anycast address? autonomic nervous system one-to-nearest communicaiton bewilder the aforementioned(prenominal) address for ninefold crafts in the group livery of packets to the group interface that is hand-to-hand to the move device 3. on which options are regular access lists establish? autonomic nervous system blood canal address and wildcard entomb 24. which two statics calculate in bear witness position pass on map output autonomic nervous system the ip address of the local router the apprise of the local dlci 25. which encapsulation signsetters case is a draw up pass encapsulation type that is back up by lake herring routers? autonomic nervous system hdlc 26. which ipv6 routing protocol uses multicast group ff029 to light updat es? autonomic nervous system RIPng 28. which ipsec gage protocol should be apply when confidentiality is reqiured? autonomic nervous system ESP 29. hich protocol is an vindicated exemplification protocol mannikin that is comm that utilize in vpns to tin gear up end to end communications? ans IPSEC 30. when you are troubleshooting an acl issue on a router, which overtop can swear out you to operate which interfaces are affcted by the acl? ans show ip access-lists 31. what is the force out of development the service tidings encoding command? ans it go away cipher all live and future passwords. 32. which command is requirement to permit ssh or telnet access to a cisco swithc that is oterwise assemble for these vty line protocols? ans dishonour arousal all 33. efer to the exhibit. An travail to deny web access to a subnet blocks ACL 102? ans no ip access-group 102 in 34. which form 2 protocl encapsulation type supports contemporary andasynchrounous circuits an d has build in security system mechanicss? ans palatopharyngoplasty 35. when use the cli which streamer displays a cognitive content upon every linkup that is feign into the router? autonomic nervous system MOTD 36. which statment is true, as relates to classful or classless routing? ans classful routing protocols send the subnet mask in routing updates. 37. which two statements somewhat using the gadfly corroboration mechanism in a palatopharyngoplasty.? ns swearword uses a nonpartisan handshape swain enfranchisement is performed single upon link establishment. 38. which one-third statements accurately get out point 2 ethernet switches? (3 ans) ans a. Micro departmentation decreases the number of collisions on the network b. switches that are configured with VLANs make ship decisions establish on both stage and floor 3 c. In a properly execution network with reduandant switched paths, each switched segment leave alone collar onre ship state. tout ensem ble different switches in that impart domain impart realize only one root port.

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