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The Role of Madness in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness

The novella Heart of Darkness was written by the British novelist Joseph Conrad and appeared, before its publication in 1902, as a three-part series in Blackwood’s Magazine. This frame tale or â€Å"story within a story† follows the lead character Charlie Marlow as he describes his adventures to a group of men aboard a ship. It also tells of an earlier event in Marlow’s life, at a time when he was working as a steamboat captain in a country whose name is not specified in the book. The story provides readers with a glimpse into the mind and soul of Marlow as he travels through the literal â€Å"Heart of Darkness† and comes face-to-face with the atrocities of racism and slavery. Marlow’s predecessor, the government-employed ivory agent Kurtz, dominates the natives through violence and coercion. When the two men finally meet, Marlow recognizes in Kurtz a mere shell of a man, the substance and soul of which has been devoured by the contempt of his own morals. This realization propels Marlow to scrutinize his own virtues and to decide whether or not to compromise them for the sake of wealth. The novella revolves around three central themes: â€Å"the hypocrisy of imperialism, madness as a result of imperialism, and the absurdity of evil† (, 2006a). In Heart of Darkness, madness is closely associated with the concept of imperialism. In the text, Africa is presented as a cause and catalyst for diseases of the body and of the mind. Madness also serves two functions in the novella. First, it functions as â€Å"an ironic device to engage the reader’s sympathies† (, 2006b). As Marlow is informed from the beginning, the ivory agent Kurtz is â€Å"mad†. However, as the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that this madness is relative; that madness in the context of the setting in which the characters move is quite hard to define. This causes the reader to develop a feeling of sympathy towards Kurtz and a sense of doubt and mistrust towards the Company. It also propels Marlow, who was initially suspicious of Kurtz, to sympathize with him. Madness also serves to create the â€Å"necessity of social fictions† (, 2006b). Even though rationales and social norms are strewn throughout Heart of Darkness, they are ultimately proved to be utterly false and even causative of evil. However, they are indispensable in the quest of providing a sense of personal security and harmony among groups. In Heart of Darkness, madness is the result of having been detached from one’s own social realm and being permitted to become the lone arbitrator of one’s own actions. Therefore, madness is associated not only with supreme power and moral genius but to man’s primary and deep-seated imperfection: the character of Kurtz answers to no one but himself, and this proves too much for any one person to tolerate. In Heart of Darkness, Kurtz proves unable to resolve the contradictions between his own moral beliefs and cultural assumptions and subsequently sinks into madness when he begins to identify with the natives. Marlow says that Kurtz had gone mad because his soul â€Å"Being along in the wilderness,†¦ had looked into itself, and by heavens! I tell you, it had gone mad.† ( This is in contrast to Kurtz’s nature of being power-hungry. The madness begins when Kurtz, who is mad with power provided by his absolute control over his domain, begins to succumb to the lure of the wilderness and the native people. He goes mad when his greed clashes with his growing affinity towards the natives. The subsequent moral dilemma proves too much for him. Marlow, in his recounting of his adventures, says that the moment of the native ceremony was the moment when he realized that Kurtz had gone mad when he went alone into the wilderness, when his spirit had been left alone with itself. Marlow recognizes that Kurtz is under the spell of the wilderness and tries to understand what had drawn Kurtz into â€Å"the edge of the forest†¦ towards the throb of drums, the drone of weird incantations;†¦ beguiled his unlawful soul†¦ beyond the bounds of permitted aspiration† ( Marlow, who is uninterested with wealth or advancement in the Company, is focused chiefly on keeping his sanity amidst the madness in his surroundings. Nevertheless, his experiences leave him broken and distressed. The physical and mental torment he was forced to endure proved to be too much for him. Through Kurtz, Marlow had been drawn into the horror as well. When Kurtz says his last words, â€Å"The horror! The horror!† (, Marlow was forced to face death. The experience leaves him bewildered and disturbed. He tells the group that when the natives buried Kurtz, they had almost buried him as well. When he returns to the city from which he came, Marlow finds the people there stupid and he continues to dwell on Kurtz and the remnants of the life Kurtz had left behind. When he goes to visit Kurtz’s fiancà ©, he feels the presence of Kurtz’s spirit entering the house with him. As Marlow proceeds into the fiancà ©Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s house, he imagines the natives dancing around their ceremonial fires, and hears Kurtz’s voice discussing ivory. Madness, as a theme in Heart of Darkness, serves to reinforce the fact that when given absolute power over himself and those under his influence, man is susceptible to his own dark nature. Work Cited Conrad, J. (1899). Heart of Darkness. In Davis, et. al. Eds. (1995). Western Literature in a World Context Volume 2: The Enlightenment throughout the Present. New York: St. Martin’s Press. Retrieved from on November 15, 2006. Sparknotes. (2006a). Heart of Darkness Study Guide. Sparknotes: Today’s Most Popular Study Guides from Barnes & Noble. Retrieved from on November 14, 2006. Sparknotes. (2006b). Heart of Darkness Study Guide: Themes, Motifs and Symbols. Sparknotes: Today’s Most Popular Study Guides from Barnes & Noble. Retrieved from on November 14, 2006.

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Dalton: University and College Sports

Persuasive Essay Language I 4th hour Dalton Wright Should College Athletes Get Paid? Do you think college athletes should be paid while they are in season? If you do think that college athletes should be paid by the University to play a sport or sports, then I disagree. You are probably thinking that I am crazy for saying that college athletes should not get paid, but just here me out on why I think they shouldn’t be paid. They get full ride scholarships! College athletes get full ride scholarships that include: great medical plan, free housing, free food, tuition, sometimes maybe even a computer.So why should they get paid when they get all this stuff? Well they don’t have enough to work in order to clothes and necessities? Some colleges even pay for that. They should already have clothes to wear anyways. Also they can work when they are not in season. They still might have practice or workouts and what not, but they can still fit in work, school, and Sports. If they r eally need money that bad I am sure they have siblings or family that could loan them some money. Not paying the players is going to teach them to be more responsible about managing their time.When you decide to go to college to play a sport, you are going hoping that you are good enough to go to the pros and then get paid there. Paying the athletes is going to alter their motivations for going to college for a sport. Athletes are going to college to learn their field so they will be good at what they do. Then they get paid for it when they get out of college. Paying the players sounds good on paper but will never happen without a series of incidents and scandals. If universities pay their players three hundred dollars this year they are going to want one-thousand dollars next.They are going to keep demanding more money. This is not the pros. The pros get paid and the amateurs are still learning. There for they should not be paid for learning their field. College athletes pay is the ir full ride scholarship that pays their tuition, board, books, food, etc. It is going to hurt the players integrity by giving them more than what is needed. If you start paying athletes who generate the most revenue, what will happen to the college sports that don’t make as much money for universities?Will participants in women’s sports be docked because they don’t historically generate as much money as a college football program? These are the important questions we must ask when considering this. If the universities pay the football players and not the other athletes, it will not be fair and the other athletes will go on strike. There are just too many issues with paying the athletes. The women’s sports do not generate enough revenue to pay the women athletes. If the athletes got paid then college sports would lose a lot of fans.The players would not be as hyped as they are when they aren’t paid. College athletes have this hype that is unlike pr ofessional athletes. This is why college sports are so much more popular. They generate just as much money as the professionals and the tickets are cheaper. Paying these athletes would ruin a long on going culture. This is why college would lose so many fans. Athletes will start to play for the money and not for the love of the game. This will change the mood and tone of the stadium. It is called college sports because the athletes that play in it are students and not professionals.Another big reason why college athletes should not be paid is because colleges are paying enough money to build facilities, pay coaches, give scholarships, and pay athletic directors to make sure that they have the best chance of winning. If colleges pay their athletes, there will not be as much money to go around for any of these things. Also, in a bad economy like this, they can’t afford to pay athletes. If a school wants to pay a big-time coach, they can’t pay their players. Also, they ar e already helping their players get into the school by giving them their scholarships so that they can make school as affordable as possible.People forget that college athletes are also called student athletes. Student means learning. In college they are students just like everyone else except they play a sport. Students don’t paid to get good grades or do well on a test or activity at school. You are supposed to learn how to manage your life and grow up. You are expected to get a job to support yourself and learn what it takes to survive in this country in its day and age. On top of that how are coaches supposed to discipline there players when they screw up a play or decide to take a day off if the players know that they are still going to get payed.Another reason many people love college sports is because they are students just like you. They are in the classroom and you see them on campus. Other students feel closer to them because they are part of the community just like them. Paying college athletes separates them. It takes all of the buzz out of it. Bibliography: http://bdlsports. net/2011/07/19/college-athletes-should-not-be-paid/ http://www. theatlantic. com/entertainment/archive/2011/09/college-athletes-should-not-get-paid/245390/

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Pulmonary fibrosis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Pulmonary fibrosis - Research Paper Example Pulmonary fibrosis is a factor that categorizes various forms of acute and chronic interstitial lung disease. The American Thoracic Society and the European Respiratory Society classify Interstitial Pulmonary Diseases into seven distinct categories of Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD), â€Å"idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), nonspecific interstitial pneumonia (NSIP), acute interstitial pneumonitis (AIP), respiratory bronchiolitis-associated ILD, desquamative interstitial pneumonia, cryptogenic organizing pneumonia (COP) and lymphocyte interstitial pneumonia† (Lovgren, 2007). The history of pulmonary fibrosis is deeply linked with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). IPF is a subset of ILD. IPD is a form of chronic pulmonary fibrosis where the etiology of the disease is unknown. IPF was first described by Hamman and Rich in 1935 at the John Hopkins Hospital. Later this was found to be a case of acute interstitial pneumonia. The Liebow classifications in 1960 marked a new era f or interstitial lung diseases. It was not until 1980 that the importance of growth factors was taken into consideration. This led to understanding of ILD through abnormal wound healing rather than inflammation. Anatomy of the systems involved The foremost system involved and affected by pulmonary fibrosis is the respiratory system. ... The alveoli are sac like structures that are present at the terminal end of the bronchioles. Alveoli are highly vascularized and are responsible for gaseous exchange. The alveolar wall is about 0.5 µm in thickness. It consist of four layers of cells which are the squamous cells of alveoli, basement membrane of alveoli, basement membrane of the capillaries and squamous cells of capillaries. The intersitium is the space between the alveolar epithelium and capillary endothelium. It is found to be thin on one side of the capillary, where it consists of basement membranes of the capillary and alveoli. The mechanical strength of the thin side of the blood gas barrier comes from the type IV collagen present in the interstitium. The opposite side of the capillary has an interstitium that is wider and consists of type I collagen with fibroblasts and pericytes. Pulmonary fibrosis affects the intersitium of the alveoli. The disease involves thickening of this interstitium through collagen. In the initial stages, an increased number of lymphocytes and plasma cells are found within the area. These cells are later accompanied by fibroblasts that lay down thick collagen bundles. The functioning of the heart is closely related to respiratory system. The affects of pulmonary fibrosis are evident on the working of the cardiovascular system. Since the tissue is scarred, the heart muscle works harder to pump the same volume of blood through the lungs. As fibrosis continues the risks of heart failure increase. Causes for the disease Pulmonary fibrosis may be caused by a number of factors, the foremost of which are inhalation of environmental agents and results of auto immune disorders. The more common reasons

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Discussion 1 and 2 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Discussion 1 and 2 - Coursework Example Libel basically encompasses the negative exposure of ones’ character to the public through the print media or general publishing. In most cases libel may lead to a person being perceived negatively, hated and exposed to shameful facets of daily life. For instance: A libel may include a journalist providing the public with published information that exposes a politician of corruption acts or even murder and drug businesses; this includes published internet sources (eMedia Law Insider n.d.). . In regards to Bob’s case, it is possible for him to demand the exposure of the identity of the person who posted the defamatory statements about him on the internet. There are various stipulations in the law that gives Bob the capacity to demand for such information: To begin with, Bob has the right to demand for such information provided; he gives the court a prima facie that shows that he was actually exposed negatively on the internet. He should also provide evidence on the extent of damage he underwent after the comments in accordance to the law (eMedia Law Insider n.d.) Campus Trash Mouth is a website that allows anonymous writers to post comments; in this perspective, Bob may not win the case against Campus Trash Mouth since his allegations that he was negatively exposed on their website will depend on whether or not the comments were posted by the Campus Trash Mouth website themselves or it was done by an anonymous writer. However, according to the case study, it is evident that the defamatory statements were posted by an anonymous writer which renders them completely unreliable for the allegations. (The comments were posted by an anonymous person hence Campus Trash Mouth may not be held responsible) Additionally, Bob may also lose the case against Campus Trash Mouth on the condition that there are various stipulations in the law that may not necessitate the owners of the website to provide the identity of the anonymous writers.

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Pacifism and violence Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Pacifism and violence - Assignment Example Alice Hertz’s sacrifice, like many others who did as she did, was meant for a noble cause. This noble cause was to save more lives from being wasted in the Vietnam war. Whether, that worked or not is a different issue altogether. In this reading, Gould (2010) is evaluating the question of pacifists who believe that disputes can be settled peacefully. The reading suggests that pacifists’ virtues occur in their rejection of war and their affirmation of nonviolent communication and conflict resolution. That pacifists seek lifelong nonviolent moral commitment is a proactive moral commitment. To their opposites, they are cowards because they necessitate no moral commitment. Pacifists may not be heroes per se, but they embody no cowardice. Where cowardice saves life and brings about peaceful coexistence, pacifism becomes a virtue. Pacifists emphasize their value for life by endeavoring to end violent ways of seeking peace. This effort works to support a moral commitment to preserve life. Therefore, the question of whether pacifists are cowards or brave lies in ones moral

International Relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 4

International Relations - Essay Example The Great Debate of Realism vs. Idealism: The North Korea Nuclear Problem Since the introduction of International Relations Theory during the World War I era, two conflicting arguments have helped to shape and guide the United States' foreign policy. Realists advocated seeing the world as it is; a conglomeration of self-interested states where military might and economic strength produce positive results. In contrast to the realists, the school of idealism advocated a foreign policy based on what the world could become; a cooperative system of member states and an international code based on freedom and order. US foreign policy in the last 100 years has ebbed and waned in and out of realism as a second World War, a Cold War, and a post-Cold War period challenged the State Department for a coherent policy theory. Nuclear capability in the hands of rouge nations has made it even more difficult to define the two theories. The North Korea nuclear problem is a product of the US's dual nature of realism and idealism. Since the Clinton administration, the US government has taken a hard line against the North Korean nuclear capability. The US was not working to persuade North Korea to become democratic or hold free elections. In addition, there have been few credible attempts to bring North Korea out of isolation, with the exception of South Korea's unification policies.

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Please go to a website linked below and discuss a question with Essay

Please go to a website linked below and discuss a question with philosophy knowledge and ethics - Essay Example ify situational application of principles while high scores identify strict application of moral principles, despite difference in a person’s environment. The score represents the way my moral reasoning operates. My moral reasoning corresponds to utilitarian ethics. The theory supports decisions and actions that promote maximum good to a majority of members of the society. It means evaluating a case based on its isolated environment, to determine the number of people that a case affects and the degree of effect on each of the people. Overall benefits and harm are then compared and a decision made to support an option that yield maximum benefits. The utilitarian approach explains my diversity in moral reasoning because factors around a case affect my reasoning. This is contrary to a case in which focus is made on principles. This means that for any case that relate to a moral principle, moral decisions would be the same and parsimony score would be

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Women in management in the 21st centuary Term Paper

Women in management in the 21st centuary - Term Paper Example This is sensible in that these professionals have long been involved in assisting organizations and individuals manage and control deviation in a manner that permits individuals from all backgrounds to hear and be heard and work together efficiently. Diversity and inclusion has been focused on hiring, retaining and promoting women. Women have become a significant force in many nations across the globe. For countless organizations, diversity policies offer a competitive edge, as it allows them to benefit from all the prospective arising from the positive variations among the workers. It is significant to realize that gender plays a considerable role in elements of the business functioning process. Across the world, the number of women in management positions has increased considerably. However, many women have not attained the top positions of organizations and face numerous pressures, both external and internal, to the companies where they work. Traditionally, women were observed as physically and intellectually inferior to men and earlier writers had noted that these discernments have generated obstacles to women’s profession development and resulted to favoritism. It is not challenging for women to attain employment at the low levels of management in companies since the benchmarks for recruitment and advancement are impartial. However, it is still challenging for them to climb to top management positions where the selection benchmarks are biased. Studies indicate that women’s progress towards what has traditionally been referred as men’s careers is particularly minimal. Internationally, the perception of women as possessing less needed management attributes is common among many male management personnel. Percentage of women in Senior Management Positions in multi nationals and Government Agencies globally Women’s status is a primary pointer of social advancement. Sustaining equality between women and men is basic to heighten the nu mber of women in management levels in organizations. Over the past few years, women have attained a considerable portion of limelight in almost every sector and corner of the world. For instance, in the arts, more women directors were capable of getting their work into the cinemas, theatres and televisions. In politics, a high number of women won elections, for instance, South Korea swore in its first female president. According to the Grant Thorton International Business Report (2013), almost 21 nations across the world have women as the head of state or the government and the number of women in parliament totaled to 21percent. In the corporate world, numerous women have led multinational corporations, for instance, Marissa Mayer broke the ground when she took over the leadership of Yahoo when almost six months pregnant. The discussion continues as to whether women will ever attain equality with men in the workforce. Although the past four decades have witnessed a gigantic generati onal transformation, with more women inflowing the labor force across the world, a lot requires to be done to progress women to top management positions. In 2012, women in United States constituted over 30 percent of the entire work force. However, they occupy only 14 percent of the top management positions of the Fortune 500 companies and merely 8 percent of executive officer top earner ranks. Among the FTSE 100, women only held 16% of the board positions and 7 percent of the executive positions in 2012. On the other hand, the number of women in board positions was half of the number in United States (Grant

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Any topics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Any topics - Essay Example Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment by Zastrow and Kirst-Ashman (2010) is an investigative study article post by the means of idealism research that applies specific psychosocial early childbearing and pregnancy predictors within a single reproductive woman risks factor (Ramsay and Gennady, P. 14). The article uncovers vividly through extensive discussion multivariate Eriksonian developmental perspective approach for nurses to integrate unique of an unaltered body of mothers of reproductive age. In Ideal environment, the article denotes both quantitative and empirical for of research technique with much utilization of a mail survey to evaluate the evaluative behavior, aspiration factors and psychosocial well-being of reproductive mothers. The article employs a sample population of 2635 participants aged 18 to 20 years selected from the Australian longitudinal study of the survey undertaken for women health (Ramsay and Gennady, P. 16). The article generation is based on the reality that, women of reproductive age psychological factors play a significant role in managing and understanding early childbearing and pregnancy risk issues in women of reproductive age. The research findings presented in the article provide nurses with opportunities to investigate and evaluate the process. In simple terms, the article provides the means of effective nursing interventions or nursing care plan (Ramsay and Gennady, P. 22). The means effective nursing intervention provided by the article helps nursing professions in achieving the best nursing practice in the care of early pregnancy and childbearing women based on the Eriksonian Developmental point of view. The article’s study exploits Erikson psychological development theoretical framework that has been understudied in longitudinal nursing research. Therefore, of all psychosocial factors that may face women

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My part of team assignment week 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

My part of team assignment week 2 - Essay Example A way to ensure that the transportation company provides its best effort is by establishing long term relationship with the company. Internal factors that can cause variability in the JIT system include employees, machines, and inaccurate specifications. The JIT inventory system is used by accountants as a measure to lower inventory costs in order to increase profitability. Too much inventory hurts the liquidity of an enterprise. The company that made famous the JIT inventory system when it began to use it as a tool to improve the productivity of the company is Toyota Corporation. Toyota realized that in the auto industry the nature of the business implied that there were many different types of inventories. There are many parts in the auto assembly process. All cars are made up of hundreds of different parts. The JIT system at Toyota allowed the company to saved money by reducing the amount of inventory in the company’s warehouses. After Toyota introduced JIT in the 1970’s many companies followed suit and implemented the system. JIT inventory can be applied to any business industry, but it has greater applications in the manufacturing sector. The JIT system was adaptive at Toyota allowing the company to adjust inventory levels based on the size of the production batches. To take further advantage of the JIT inventory model Toyota designed car models with compatible

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The Argument For Stricter Gun Control Laws Essay Example for Free

The Argument For Stricter Gun Control Laws Essay I am writing a persuasive argument in favor of stricter gun control laws. I am very passionate about this topic because the use of firearms in the wrong hands is a deadly prophecy. It can be in the form of children getting a hold of a gun and hurting themselves or others, an adult with violent propensities mishandling a weapon, or someone who wants the use of a firearm in aiding suicide. When one looks at the increased incident of injury to children, homicide, and suicide, it is clear there is a need for stricter gun control laws. This paper argues that firearms continue to play a dominant role in violence both criminal and accidental regardless of laws such as the five-day waiting period and the Brady Law. I will show how easier access to guns, rather than preventing crime, creates more of it through the use of examples and statistics Those whom are opposed to gun control laws do not like to admit there is a link between access to guns and violence. The NRA says guns dont kill people, people kill people. They will claim that the right to bear arms for se lf-defense and civil rights would be diminished. However, this view is only one sided and it fails to address the link between the ownership of guns and the violence that occurs because of it. Almost everyday we can open up a newspaper or turn on a national news broadcast on the television and discover a new case of someone being killed by the use of a gun. Perhaps it was a child whom had access to his/her parents gun they keep in the house for self defensive purposes, an adult whom was an innocent bystander during a workplace massacre or robbery, a shooting at a school by a disturbed kid, or a domestic dispute turned deadly. Unfortunately, it is rare that a day goes by that we do not hear about one of the above events. Whatever the case may be, it is apparent that too many people have access to firearms and that access must be restricted. The Brady Campaign is one that enforces gun control laws, elects pro gun control public officials, and informs the public about gun violence. It was enacted in 1994 and because of it, all 50 states must do background checks on anyone wishing to purchase a firearm. While this has helped quell some gun violence that may have occurred otherwise, there are still too many who are falling through the cracks. These background checks are targeting the wrong people and criminals are still able to obtain guns from illegal sources. Take a look at the Virginia Tech massacre last spring. This reopened the legislative debate over gun control that was never resolved from the Columbine high school shootings eight years earlier. Many wonder how Cho-Seung Hui was able to get his hands on powerful automatic weaponry that killed thirty two of his classmates. This proves that the background checks performed are insufficient and need to be more thorough. More than fifty survivors and family members of this tragedy signed a letter to Congress with one simple message- finish work on legislation that could prevent future tragedies. The notion of more complete background checks leads me to another issue that is the abolition of handguns. More handguns are used in criminal acts than any other type of firearm. The FBI reports that more than 60 percent of murders are caused by guns and handguns account for 70 percent of these. Lets look at some scenarios that stem from the lack of access to handguns: Sure, anyone with a penchant for killing could pull out a knife or a baseball bat but the victim has much better chance of survival. The likelihood of injury and not death are much greater as the victim may be able to get away. The next scenario are home burglaries. Most of these occur with the occupants are out of the house so the need for a gun inside the home is unnecessary. If there is a gun inside of the home, the perpetrator will confisca te it along with other valuables, thus placing it in the hands of criminal for future misuse. Approximately 40 percent of handguns used in crimes are stolen out of homes of law abiding citizens whom had guns for their own protection. If handgun manufacturers were stringently restricted and only allowed to sell to police, our environment would be much safer. Fewer criminals would have access to them if the sale of handguns to ordinary citizens were outlawed. They could not obtain them by way of stealing and their illegal underground network would be hampered. If this were to occur, those dangerous people would not have the opportunity to slip through the cracks and get a hold of a weapon. The end result would be fewer violent crimes and fewer injuries and/or deaths related to these crimes. Many states in the United States have right to carry laws that allow citizens to carry concealed handguns if they are qualified. Qualification includes a clean criminal history, age restrictions, and completing a firearms safety course. In 1986 only nine states had that law and as of 1998, 31 states have right-to-carry laws. Half of the citizens of the U.S. live in those states. This will engender only more violence as journalis t Philip Cook states if you introduce a gun into a violent encounter, it increases the chances that someone will die. In the end, the notion of violence in self-defense will only create more violence. It is for that reason that not only should handguns themselves be eradicated from the hands of the general public, but they should never be allowed to carry out in public. It is a fact that the Constitution guarantees us the right to bear arms. The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights states: A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Our founding fathers who authored the Constitution were certainly aware of the British efforts to disarm the colonists and believed a militia was necessary to defend democracy. However, in the present day, owners of handguns are not members of a militia attempting to fight a tyrannical power or oppression. Any type of gun that can be concealed should be abolished from the hands of ordinary citizens and only placed in the hands of the men and women of our police force whom are trained professionals. This will de-emphasize the use of another slogan If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. It simply will not be the case as long as only those who are legitimate protectors of society are the only people who have access to them. WORKS CITED Agresti, James D. Gun Control. Just Facts Foundation. 10 June 1999. 20 October 2007. Desuka, Nan. Why Handguns Must Be Outlawed.. Current Issues and Enduring Questions. Boston: Bedford, 1993. Cassidy, J. Warren. The Case For Firearms. Current Issues and Enduring Questions. Boston: Bedford, 1993. Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Families of Virginia Tech Victims and Survivors Call on U.S. Senate to Strengthen Brady Background Checks. 21 October 2007.

Body strength Essay Example for Free

Body strength Essay Overall I enjoyed completing the circuit training and was very pleased with the way in which the PEP developed all the different aspects of my fitness. The chosen method of training and the specific exercises were relevant to the game of basketball and the level of intensity was suitable for me. The overload and progression worked well and defiantly made me work hard. I now understand how to implement gradual changes to the intensity without risking injury and fatigue. I also have a better understanding of the need for adequate recovery time and the importance of a proper cool-down period. Before following this PEP I used to only spend time warming-up. The exercises were followed safely and the quick safety check of equipment was carried out each session. The retest results show I have improved in all areas of fitness. I was particularly pleased with the vertical jump and flexibility results. These improvements have allowed me to be more effective in the matches I am playing and I am starting to make less mistakes in my passing and shooting skills. I also seem to be more effective under the basket when rebounding. However I still feel I need to develop my upper body strength. I found the evaluation of each individual session useful and will continue to do this in the future, not only for training but matches to make my goal setting more effective. The PEP helped my levels of motivation, as I wanted to constantly strive for improvement as well as my levels of concentration. Because I was getting tired I found I had to focus on the technique and I have started to transfer this to the game situation which has helped my skill performance. I will continue to incorporate circuit training into my overall programme and aim to gradually increase the work intensity, after reducing the recovery time between the circuits. The warm-up was good and I felt the passive stretching really helped. I coped well with the increase in work time and was pleased with the level of intensity I sustained. But I did lose my concentration on a few exercises during the last circuit and didnt complete a full range of movement on some of the upper body exercises. After the first session I did feel sore around the shoulders and hopefully the extra time spent stretching during the cool-down will help the DOMS. Considerations for next session The intensity of work load should remain the same, as well as the exercises on each station. However I feel the recovery between the stations could be reduced slightly, but between the circuits the activity should not be altered, as too many changes may be too much for me to cope with and produce poor quality exercises. I also need to focus and concentrate on completing a full range of movement on the few upper body exercises I struggled with on the final circuit. Overall I enjoyed completing the circuit training and was very pleased with the way in which the PEP developed all the different aspects of my fitness. The chosen method of training and the specific exercises were relevant to the game of basketball and the level of intensity was suitable for me. The overload and progression worked well and definitely made me work hard. I now understand how to implement gradual changes to the intensity without risking injury and fatigue. I also have a better understanding of the need for adequate recovery time and the importance of a proper cool down period. Before following this PEP is used to only spend time warming up. The exercises were followed safely and the quick safety check of equipment was carried out each session. The retest results how I have improved in all areas of fitness. I was particularly pleased with the vertical jump and flexibility results. These improvements have allowed me to be more effective in the matches I am playing and I am starting to make less mistakes in my passing and shooting skills. I also seem to be more effective under the basket when rebounding. However I still feel I need to develop my upper body strength. I found the evaluation of each session useful and will continue to do this in the future, not only for training but matches to make my goal setting more effective. The PEP helped my levels of motivation as I wanted to constantly strive for improvement as well as my levels of concentration. Because I was getting tired I found I had to focus on the technique and I have started to transfer this to the game situation which has helped my skill performance. I will continue to incorporate circuit training into my overall programme and aim to gradually increase the work intensity, after reducing the recovery time between the circuits.

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Introduction to Stress Management

Introduction to Stress Management Contents (Jump to): What Is Stress? Categories of Stress Organizational Stress Managing Stress Organizational Stress Management Critical Incident Stress Management The Godrej Case Modern Organizational Stress Management Techniques Conclusion Bibliography EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ONLY recently has stress been seen as a contributory factor to the productivity and health costs of companies and countries. As studies of stress-related illnesses and deaths show, stress imposes a high cost on individual health and well-being as well as organizational productivity. There are books now, which review the sources and outcomes of job-related stress, the methods used to assess levels and consequences of occupational stress and strategies to confront stress and its associated problems. A visit to Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. (Vikhroli) was of great help in my project. Godrej is one of the companies that are using various Stress Management methods in their organization. Here I met Mr. Sameer Bharoik, The Leadership and Organization Effectiveness Staff Consultant, HR Department, Godrej, who is one of the committee members of their very effective stress management system. He told me about the stress management system they were using in Godrej. I was also told about their need to adopt the modern day Stress Management methods rather than the old one, what are the advantages the disadvantages etc. A very friendly and helpful man by nature, Mr. Sameer helped me a lot to understand how the Stress Management methods are meant to work, what are the practical difficulties in the implementation and how they have managed to overcome these difficulties successfully. What is Stress? Stress is a complex phenomenon. It has been defined in many ways, but simply put; it is the wear and tear of everyday life. In everydays life people are subjected to a wide range of pressures. Similarly there are also a wide range of resources and strategies for coping with pressure. Sometimes people cope well and will not feel that the pressure is having any adverse effect upon them. At other times they will have difficulty in dealing with the situation and that is when we may use the term stress. In reality, any situation that puts pressure is technically stressful. Stress is not necessarily unpleasant or harmful. When people are able to cope satisfactorily with the stress and find it to be positive in its effect, they tend to use other words such as stimulation or challenge. In this regard a simple but accurate definition of stress is: Stress occurs when the pressure upon us exceeds our resources to cope up with the pressure Categories of Stress Stress can be broadly classified in the following categories: Acute stress is what most people identify as stress. It makes itself felt through tension headaches, emotional upsets, gastrointestinal disturbances, feelings of agitation and pressure. Its easily treatable and can be brought under control in six to eight weeks. Episodic acute stress is more serious and can lead to migraines, hypertension, stroke, heart attack, anxiety, depression, serious gastrointestinal distress. Its quite treatable, but it takes general life style readjustments, four to six months, and often requires professional help. Chronic stress is the most serious of all. Its the stress that never ends. It grinds us down until our resistance is gone. Serious systemic illness such as diabetes, decreased immunocompetence, perhaps cancer is its hallmark. It can be treated, even reversed, but it takes time sometimes two to three years-and often requires professional help. Traumatic stress is the result of massive acute stress, the effects of which can reverberate through our systems for years. Post traumatic stress disorder is treatable and reversible and usually requires professional aid. Certain Statistics that support common belief about stress: Statistics from a recent global stress research study show that increased stress is felt worldwide, and stress affects women differently than men: A recent Roper Starch Worldwide survey of 30,000 people between the ages of 13 and 65 in 30 countries showed: Women who work full-time and have children under the age of 13 report the greatest stress worldwide Nearly one in four mothers who work full-time and have children under 13 feel stress almost every day Globally, 23% of women executives and professionals, and 19% of their male peers, say they feel super-stressed At work, the following may be stressors. Needs not met. These could be needs for power, for fulfillment, for use of knowledge Not being included by others as part of a group you want to belong to Not being recognized or valued for ones competence Feeling that one is not adequate for the task, particularly when compared to some one else Being denied what is due (rewards, work) Monotony or boredom Not having enough freedom at work, being closely supervised Inequity in rewards, assignments Very little opportunity for growth Too much of work, overload Too little work, boredom Inadequate resources to do the assigned work, creating possibilities of failures Conflict in values at work, being required to do what one does not like to do Too many and conflicting demands at work from the role set Responsibilities not clear, ambiguity on what is expected Understanding, unpredictable, temperamental boss New unfamiliar work Being blamed On close analysis, it will be found that all of the above situations are, in some way or other, causing perceptions of possible failure at work or non-recognition and consequent loss of self-esteem. The Healthy Pattern recognizes that we can help our bodies to cope with the stress adjustment process by applying a positive strategy, such as leisure, relaxation, a vacation/trip, exercise and others. This restores a healthy stress level. The Crisis Pattern develops when we fail to recognize the signals that the body sends and therefore we continue to stress ourselves until eventually we drop and enter a deep negative state (crisis) and then physical and/or psychological breakdown ORGANISATIONAL STRESS There is a considerable cost to people, in both human and financial terms, in working in an unhealthy stressful environment. It is therefore in the interest of all leaders and managers to create healthy workplaces. What is commonly referred to as organizational stress may be said to be caused by a dysfunctional culture. Where members of an organization share a negative view of that organization, they are not likely to be motivated to perform well. On the contrary, they may feel that work is not worthwhile and that there is little point in pursuing personal or organizational objectives or desires. The result may be a serious loss of self-esteem and when this condition prevails this will be experienced as stress. Some of the consequences of stress have been identified as: Reduced productivity Lack of creativity Job dissatisfaction Increased sick leave Premature retirement Absenteeism Accidents Organizational breakdown There are many ways in which organizational culture will manifest itself in a dysfunctional way. For example, the unhelpful and dysfunctional division between us and them, which may be perpetuated, by both senior managers and those at other levels of an organization in a collusive manner. A division, which results in a lack of proper communication and a sort of blaming culture. Addressing these matters is difficult work, work that cannot be adequately dealt with by managers or internal consultants because they are part of the culture; part of the hierarchy, and subject to the authority structure of the organization. However, this is not the total extent of the needs regarding organizational stress. There is also a need for a Stress Management Strategy that through various approaches will, in its entirety, provide for the needs of the organization. Such a strategy would address the following sort of issues: The first four actions are as essential as the last. Internal staff that has the knowledge, skills can develop all these and ability to ensure that what is provided is as good as anywhere else. There may be benefit from employing outside assistance to consult to the process but basically the experts in the field are in the organization. The real point is that this sort of strategy should be seen as a total package. Without addressing the issue of culture the organization will not achieve the desired effective activities in the areas identified at 1 4 above. Equally, it could be ensured that the organization had a wonderful culture but without the other activities there would be no service available to members of the organization. Short term stress Where stress is low, one may find that his/her performance is low because of boredom, lack concentration and motivation. Where stress is too high, the performance can suffer from all the symptoms of excessive short-term stress. In the middle, at a moderate level of stress, there is a zone of best performance. If one can keep oneself within this zone, then that person will be sufficiently aroused to perform well while not being over-stressed and unhappy. This graph, and this zone of optimum performance, is different shapes for different people. Some people may operate most effectively at a level of stress that would leave other people either bored or in pieces. It is possible that someone who functions superbly at a low level might experience difficulties at a high level. Alternatively someone who performs only moderately at low level might perform exceptionally under extreme pressure. The best way of finding your optimum level of stress is to keep a stress diary for a number of weeks. Long term stress The problems of long term, sustained stress are more associated with fatigue, morale and health than with short term adrenaline management. The graph shows stages that a person may go through in response to sustained levels of excessive stress: During the first phase a person will face challenges with plenty of energy. Ones response will probably be positive and effective. After a period of time one may begin to feel seriously tired. The person may start to feel anxious, frustrated and upset. The quality of ones work may begin to suffer. As high stress continues one may begin to feel a sense of failure and may be ill more frequently. A person may also begin to feel exploited by his/her organization. At this stage the person may start to distance himself/herself from the employer, perhaps starting to look for a new job. If high levels of stress continue without relief one may ultimately experience depression, burnout, nervous breakdown, or some other form of serious stress related illness. Managing Stress Stress cannot be avoided. It should not be avoided. Without stress, there will be no attempt to try the difficult. One will give up much too easily. One will not succeed in doing even what one is easily capable of, because even the normal faculties will not come into play like the goalkeeper, if he remained relaxed even at the last minute. There are two aspects to take care of in managing stress. One is that one should not develop stress to the point that one becomes non-functional like Arjuna laying down his arms. The second is to try to get back to normal as quickly as one can and not continue to be in a state of stress for too long. The former is achieved essentially by an attitude that is developed by rational thoughts. The first is to realize that ones perceptions often distort the reality. The situation may not be as bad as it may seem to be. The second is to understand that a failure is not an unmitigated disaster. It is not possible to succeed all the time. It is not even necessary to succeed all the time. One failed effort does not mean that the person is no good. Nobody has succeeded without many losses. Even World champions sometimes lose a first round match to an unseeded player. Marconi and Thomas Alva Edison succeeded in their inventions after many attempts that failed. They saw failures as opportunities to learn. The third is to recognize that worry and anxiety will not modify the situation, but will only disturb ones peace of mind and health. If one watches passengers at airports and railway stations, one will find how some of them remain quite relaxed and even sleeping while others are continuously making enquiries from officials about extent and causes of delays. Such constant enquiries only irritate, but do not expedite solutions. They add to stress of self and of others. As an organization as a whole Organizational Stress Auditing (organization) Before organizational stress is targeted, we need to know what is causing it. Workplace stressors should be identified and employees can guide with options to manage it. Stress Management Training (group or individual) Through a range of easily applied, practical courses underpinned by widely accepted Stress Management theory, groups and individuals can increase their understanding of the causes of stress and through this, learn techniques for reducing and dealing with stress. As the Manager As the boss, one can ensure that subordinates are not put to undue stress and also that they are helped to get out of stress situations as quickly as possible. The steps are Recognize the stress levels Show concern Encourage talking Listen Empathize Explain and show how it can be done Reassure Provide support Discuss and involve them in decisions Show respect to the individuals Avoid insult, denunciation, abuse, reprimand, particularly in public Avoid manipulation, coercion, blaming Avoid pressurizing too much Provide social support All the above, render support and help to reduce anxieties. It is not suggested that the demands on people should be lowered. People like challenges. They must be given challenging assignments. That is the only way to growth. But if there is a sensing of extreme stress, it should be managed through reassurance, not by withdrawing the assignment. Personality Types Studies on Stress have identified that Type A personalities tend to get stressed much faster than Type B personalities. The characteristics of a Type A personality are an intense urge to achieve, impatience and restlessness, always on the move, hurrying, doing more than one task at a time. He keeps a heavy and tight schedule and dislikes waiting and relaxing. The Type B is exactly the opposite, takes things easy, finds time to relax, is not impatient and is not obsessed with winning all the time. Instruments have been developed to identify the Type of any person. But no one is fully Type A or fully Type B. It is possible to move from one type to another. It is not as if Type B is the more desirable personality, because stress is not the only factor relevant for effectiveness. Achievement is equally important for effectiveness and there the Type A has a better chance to win. Time Management Inadequacy of resource is a common stressor. One needs resources to do a job and if the resource is not available, there could be stress. One important resource is Time. Many people find that they do not have enough time to do a job. Deadlines seem to be difficult to meet. This is true of individuals as well as of collectives. We read of committees asking for extension of time to do their jobs; of projects not being completed on time. Unfortunately, time is such a resource that nobody can give more or take away. Everybody has a definite amount of time available. Studies show that people are poor planners in terms of usage of time as a resource. Time is wasted in a number of ways. Therefore, if one learns ways to manage ones time better, there could be a better control on stress. Time is wasted because of Non-productive work like searching for files, papers and references. Available information being inadequate or incomplete Meetings and lengthy reports Indecisiveness, unable to make up ones mind Correcting errors in instructions, assignments Clarifying goals and roles Too much routine, paperwork Lack of prioritization Once the cause is known, the remedy should be obvious. The best way to know the cause is to keep a detailed log of how one is using his time over a period of a week or so. Some of the remedies will be in the nature of readjustments of personal habits, like planning on priorities, avoiding drift in meetings, not insisting on perfectionism etc. Some remedies will be in the nature of reorganizing work systems in the office so that search and corrections are made minimal. Some will be in the nature of training others for better work practices, so that supervision can be less. Indecisiveness has been mentioned as a time waster. This may happen because of lack of clarity on objectives or because of fatigue and the mind not being able to concentrate. Both are avoidable. Indecisiveness can also happen because of lack of knowledge on the subject. The time one takes to study a matter depends on ones skill. Experienced people run through a 100 page file, without reading every page, but picking up the important and relevant matter, while another may have to spend double the time reading every paper to determine its relevance. Thus, one way to manage time better is to improve ones skills at work Stress is the wear and tear our bodies experience as we adjust to our continually changing environment; it has physical and emotional effects on us and can create positive or negative feelings. As a positive influence, stress can help compel us to action; it can result in a new awareness and an exciting new perspective. As a negative influence, it can result in feelings of distrust, rejection, anger, and depression, which in turn can lead to health problems such as headaches, upset stomach, rashes, insomnia, ulcers, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. With the death of a loved one, the birth of a child, a job promotion, or a new relationship, we experience stress as we readjust our lives. In so adjusting to different circumstances, stress will help or hinder us depending on how we react to it. Presentation Idea: Schedule a stress busting experiential activity to help deal with particularly stressful times in life. Examples could include bringing in a massage therapist to share techniques with the chapter, scheduling regular physical activities or having an individual lead the chapter through a meditation/imagery exercise. For exercise examples, feel free to contact the Coordinator of Resource Development at Executive Offices. More and more employees are experiencing stress at work. They may be coping with too much pressure, long hours or rapid change. The nature of employment has now changed and the idea of a job for life has been replaced by an emphasis on performance. Stress is now recognized as a valid health and safety issue at work. Litigation is on the increase and there have been successful claims for compensation for work-related stress. More and more employers are turning to Stress Management to tackle these problems. Stress Management can enable people to improve their own response to stress and enable the organization to reduce workplace stressors. Our Training Package addresses the problems of work-place stress with the twofold approach of Stress Auditing and Stress Management Training. The Stress Audit for the Organization We provide the information and materials to enable you to carry out a Stress Audit for your organization. The findings of the audit can be addressed in the Stress Management Training sessions. Master copies of all Stress Audit forms and questionnaires are provided in order for you to carry out regular audits. Organizational Stress Management Organizational Stress Management aims at preventing and reducing stress for both the individual employee and the organization or company. The Training Package offers you eight detailed sessions for stress management training groups in your workplace. These include eight relaxation exercises on audio cassette tapes, together with training in relaxation, breathing and cognitive-behavioral techniques. We also provide practical training in the management of many workplace stressors. The Stress Management sessions provide employees with the opportunity to tackle major stressors using techniques from Problem Solving Therapy. We also provide research notes with each session giving you in-depth background information on the problems of work-pace stress, together with step-by-step presentations of related therapies of particular value in the treatment of stress at work. Case studies Fortune 50 company installs Stress Navigator on corporate intranet as in-house stress control program; prior to program rollout, the site attracts 7,000 employees ready to reduce stress The Situation: This Fortune 50 Company, like many others, realized that stress was a significant problem, a major burden in both economic and human terms for company and employees alike. They had tried various stress management programs before, but with little success employees werent utilizing the programs. When they first saw the Stress Navigator Workshop, the company realized that this program was different. When used as a portal to the Human Resources, it could directly link employees to appropriate corporate benefits and programs. The Stress Navigator Workshop: This Company put the Workshop on their corporate intranet as part of a pilot program for executives. The executives had such a positive experience with it that they mentioned it to their co-workers and others. Word of mouth spread, and before they knew it, more than 10% percent of their 70,000 employees with access to the corporate intranet had taken the workshop online. And this was before it was general knowledge that the program was available. Stress Directions and the Stress Navigator Workshop answered a need the company knew they had, but didnt know how to resolve. Employees recognized the opportunity immediately and got the help they needed. The Resolution: When presented with a system that made sense, the organization and individuals chose to take action towards health. Its too soon to measure the impact of Stress Directions on their bottom-line, but after a year on their intranet, much of this companys workforce has gone through the online program. The company has settled on the Stress Navigator Workshop as their stress control strategy and plans to keep it available for their employees indefinitely. Personal products company struggles to maintain global market share, restructures product delivery protocol to increase health and productivity, and decrease costs The Situation: The Situation: The most recent product development cycle of this global manufacturing company provides a prime example of how stress can cost even the most successful organizations. In the rush to stay competitive, what had been a five-year development cycle was cut to three years. Because of the push to get the new product on the market, design and engineering specs were less firm than they should have been, and decision-makers continued to tinker with basic design after manufacturing machinery was under construction. The machinery had to be redesigned and rebuilt several times. Machinists were assigned back-breaking amounts of overtime to stay on schedule. The ripple effects of the overtime made the situation stressful for families as well as employees. With no time to rest, machinists made mistakes that had to be corrected, which called for more overtime. The entire development team felt tremendous stress and, sadly, three suicides occurred among them during a 13-month time period. The Organization Stress Profile: The 850-member development team took the Stress Navigator Workshop either online or in the paper and pencil format in a corporate effort to address wellness issues and retain the entire corporations competitive market position. In the workshops, employees cited overwork as their number one stress concern. The Resolution: The division head in charge of the development team implemented mandatory stress management programs and put a cap on overtime. In the end, the incidence of errors dropped significantly and employees were able to accomplish more work of higher quality in fewer hours. Federal agency cuts turnover rate from 40% to 15% in three years by identifying stress patterns and changing hiring philosophy The Situation: This 47-person government agency had a 40% turnover rate and was experiencing deep problems with employee moral and stress. A manufacturing section within the agency was particularly hard-hit and had fallen far behind schedule. Management was quickly reaching a dead-end in their search for solutions, and job security was on the line. The agency perceived high stress in the manufacturing section to be the likely cause of its problems. The Organization Stress Profile: All agency employees were administered the Stress Navigator Questionnaire to determine whether the turnover rate was indeed related to job stress. Grouped results did show the manufacturing group to be higher in susceptibility to stress, sources of stress, and symptoms of stress. But they also differed demographically from their peers in many significant respects. For example, their average age was five to ten years younger than workers in the other two sections of the agency, and this job typically represented their first foray into the labor market. Further analysis revealed that the workers in manufacturing had several likely causes for higher stress and job dissatisfaction. Compared to co-workers in nearby regulation and communication sections, they had less seniority (it was the entry-level section of the organization), earned lower pay, were more vulnerable to seasonal layoffs, were restricted to their work stations, and had no access to phones. In addition, they were isolated from the other sections by a wall with a single door that remained open so they were constantly aware of the contrast in working conditions between their section and the others. In other words, manufacturing still scored highest in all stress categories, but not for the reasons that had been assumed. In-depth analysis made it evident much of the workplace stress stemmed from the fact that the employees were young and financially insecure. The turnover had as much to do with conditions outside of the agency, such as career level, maturity and financial security, as it did with the conditions of the workplace. Resolution: Based on the information gleaned from the Stress Navigator Workshops and the advice of stress consultants, the agency corrected many of the internal conditions cited above, implemented appropriate stress management training for supervisors, and changed their hiring patterns to select stable, more mature workers who would not be looking at the job as a career opportunity. Turnover rates were cut from 40% to 15% in just under three years. Critical Incident Stress Management Critical incidents do occur In the workplace: Accidents on the work sight A sudden unexpected death of a coworker Workplace violence Critical Incident stress is a normal response to an abnormal situation. Left untreated, critical Incident stress could lead to lower production, increased absenteeism, Increased substance abuse, and increased use of health care benefits. The stress reactions experienced by those who have been exposed to a critical Incident may appear immediately or surface hours or days after the event: Survivor guilt, Flashbacks, Confusion Poor concentration, Distressing dreams Fatigue, Grief, Fear Anger, Chills, Diarrhoea, Nausea These are only a few examples of what individuals report after experiencing a critical Incident. Sometimes the critical Incident Is so painful professional assistance from a specially trained Individual becomes necessary. WORKPLACE RESOURCES has professionals with more than ten years experience in the area of critical Incident stress. We can provide: pre-planning: to help you design a plan of action to assist your company be better prepared If and when your workplace experiences a critical incident post-accident: We will provide a team to help assess the situation and guide you through the recovery phase. THE GODREJ CASE About Godrej Everyday, every Indian encounters the Godrej name sometime somewhere. A person may begin the day bathing with a Godrej soap, shaving with a Godrej shaving cream, storing clothes in a Godrej Storewell cupboard, cooking food in a Godrej cooking oil and preserving it in a Godrej refrigerator. Money and valuables are kept in a Godrej safe, work is done on a Godrej computer or typewriter while sitting on a Godrej chair and drinking a Godrej fruit drink. Yet few know about the indomitable spirit of the man responsible for making Godrej a household name Ardeshir Godrej., a pioneer who produced quality products and captured markets. Innovation has been the key. It is this spirit that has built Godrej and carried it for a hundred years. Taking it into diverse industries ranging from cupboards to soaps, hair dyes to edible oils, and packaged foods to refrigerators. In recent years several partnerships have been formed with international giants like General Electric, Pillsbury, Fiskars and Sara Lee, bringing Godrej membership in the Global village that will carry it forward into the 21st century. Godrej has always been a crusader for a better world with programs that benefit endangered forests, wild life and mangroves. Every year the Pirojsha Godrej Foundation dedicates funds towards promoting education, housing, social upliftment, conservation, population management and relief of natural calamities. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.(GCPL) is a major player in the Indian FMCG market with leadership in personal, hair, household and fabric care segments. The company employs 950 people and has three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at Malanpur (M.P.) Guwahati (Assam) and Silvassa (U.T.). Their main focus is on providing their customers with innovative, value for money solutions for meeting their da

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The Pros and Cons of Technology Essay examples -- Term Papers Research

The Pros and Cons of Technology As far back as I can remember my family and I have taken advantage of technology. The types of technology have changed over the years, along with our usage and dependence on it. Technology is a fundamental part of our lifestyle, including both work and play. What is interesting is that we also have many friends who use very little technology in their day-to-day living. This drastic difference makes one wonder how necessary the technology really is, and whether or not our dependence on it is healthy in the long run. It is really easy to just get caught up in using technology without thinking about the pros and cons. I was born in the 80’s, so technology as, I know it, was beginning to take aim at the mainstream United States and the world. I grew up in an era of change, whether or not this change is good is yet to be determined. When I talk about technology I am making reference to computers, automation, and most â€Å"new age† technology. My first exposure to computers was at my dad’s lab at the University of Michigan Dearborn. The computer was ancient by today’s standards, but at the time it was a marvel of technological triumph. When I was five we bought a home personal computer (pc) for my mother to write papers and utilize the Internet. I became increasingly fascinated with the possibilities the computer brought be and I was hooked. In school we had little Apple 2Es that only worked when they wanted to but we still used them every day. My mother had a large influence on my relationship with technology. First of all, she felt strongly enough to ban video games and most television shows the first ten years of my life. I started to test educational software for children when I was five because my... ...r, not batteries, because we were out in the woods for weeks on end. I settled on a small solar panel that could accommodate the digital device. The problem was that it didn’t work reliably, so just the use of the camera alone ate up my time that could have been better spent. Progress? I think not. Now, as I bash technology for some of its downfalls, I am still reminded about its benefits for medicine, and transportation. Isn’t that kind of progress beneficial for our civilization? Again the answer is, well, yes and no. Sure, we can get from point A to point B faster, but we pollute the environment and rely heavily on nonrenewable resources, which we can’t afford in the long run. I foresee my generation having to confront this. I see myself using new technologies, but, like Gomez-Pena, continuing to maintain balance, and staying grounded in a less â€Å"virtual† world.

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The Price of Revenge in Sleepers and Valentine :: Sleepers Valentine

The Price of Revenge in Sleepers and Valentine Many people advocate the philosophy of "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth," but few of them realize that to take revenge is often to sacrifice oneself and that the very purpose of law is to put an end to revenge. People are willing to sacrifice their freedom, their careers, and even their lives for revenge. Lorenzo Carcaterra's novel Sleepers, and Tom Savage's novel, Valentine, evidently express this. Although its true that it might take couple of years for criminals to get what they deserve, most of the time the law gets the job done. In addition, some may argue that the law doesn't always ensure justice. This is also true, but it’s still not worth to sacrifice oneself. We should let the law do its job. People may sacrifice their freedom for revenge. In Sleepers, John Reilly and Tommy Marcano could not forget the humiliation they suffered at the Wilkinson Home for Boys. One day, they saw Sean Nokes, one of the guards who never planned on a reunion with the two boys, sitting in a bar. They recognized him at first glance and didn't want to give up this valuable chance for Nokes to pay for what he did to them. Both of them pulled out their guns and shot Nokes to death in cold blood. The shots that took away their enemy's life soon took away their own freedom. They were both arrested and put into jail. People may sacrifice their careers for revenge as well. Michael Sullivan, after being released from the Wilkinson Home, had never again had a problem with the law. Moreover, he graduated with honors from high school and eventually became a New York City assistant district attorney. But his career was destined to be destroyed when he decided to go after the other guards. "It's payback time", Michael said," John and Tommy started it, I can finish it" (Carcaterra p.271). As the prosecuting attorney, he set the witness (one of the guards) up and purposely lost the case. Although his revenge plan succeeded, his reputation as a lawyer was ruined. He never practiced law again and became a carpenter. It's a tragedy that this law school student doesn't believe in law. People may even sacrifice their lives for revenge. In Valentine, Victor Dimorta is an abused boy.

broom jumping Essay -- essays research papers

1. Broom jumping has become one of the most popular African traditions at weddings—traditional and African-centered. According to Harriet Cole in her book, â€Å"Jumping the Broom.† The ritual itself was created by our ancestors during slavery. Because slaves could not legally marry, they created their own rituals to honor their unions. Some say broom jumping comes from an African tribal marriage ritual of placing sticks on the ground representing the couple’s new home. 2. The jumping of the broom is a symbol of sweeping away of the old and welcoming the new, or a symbol of a new beginning. Today the ceremony can be performed at the wedding after the minister pronounces the couple man and wife or at the reception just after the bridal party enters the reception area. 3. The broom jumping ceremony is conducted by an experienced African cultural leader and can last up to 25 minutes. The ceremony includes the Bride, Groom, their families and close friends. It gives all in attendance, including guests, an opportunity to pledge their support to the union. A highlight of the cereomony is the recognition of the spiritual presence of ancestors, and the pouring of libations in their memory. The straws of the broom represent the family and the handle represents the almighty. 4. 5. A fully decorated broom can be purchased at ethnic stores or a regular household broom will suffice. Broom sizes will vary, but it doesn’t matter which you choose. If you decide to use your own broom and ...

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At this point I think that the Healthcare reform is something that is needed and Obamacare is trying its best to improve. There is a major need for Healthcare reform. Thousands of people die in America each year because of the lack of health insurance. Many people without health insurance die when they could have had a chance to live if they had insurance. The problem is that health insurance is too expensive. Not for those who can afford it but for those who cannot. It has to be horrible to catch the flu and have to suffer because you fear debt from a trip to the emergency room.Obama’s plan is vital to the advancement of healthcare. Private insurance is rising constantly and Universal healthcare in America will add more competition to the market, it will be beneficial for everyone and we know that it has already worked in other countries. Private medical insurance is valuable to have, but can come with many disadvantages for the consumer. The article â€Å"the U. S. Healthca re system† focused on the faults of the United States healthcare system when compared to other countries with Universal healthcare.America has the most expensive healthcare system in the world. One reason for the rising cost of healthcare in America is that an estimated â€Å"19. 3 to 24. 1 % of the money is spent on administration cost. Obama wants to make sure that America is not being taken advantage of by insurance and prescription drug companies. Some insurance companies are overcharging doctors for their malpractice insurance, which is causing patients to have to pay more in order to be seen by a doctor.Obama's healthcare reform will provide healthcare and preventative services to millions of Americans, give American's a safety net to ensure that they can't be denied for a preexisting condition, or dropped when sick, millions of lives will be saved, it will grow jobs, help small business and is projected to cut the national deficit by over $1,000,000,000,000 dollars ove r the next two decades. This is the type of reform our healthcare system needs

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Changes in the Practice of Nursing Essay

The wellness help in the f ein truth(prenominal)(prenominal) in States is changing, long-sufferings impoverishment and consider tabustanding services uttery. So we as blows ar cal direct up onto deliver this service. With the swag in the wellness cautiousness atomic number 18a nurses volition be hitherto more(prenominal) than in beg. This demand go a expressive style be tied to skill levels and t severallying. This is why it is so important for all nurses to commit to besidesing their studies, it go out make them more market adapted. There bequeath be many impertinently p bentage opportunities repay competent to the restructure of the United States wellness dole out arranging.Providing wellness amends to an supererogatory 30 million volume leave behind likely make access to caution a problem because of inadequate availableness of primary guardianship plyrs to meet the judge growing in demand. This is calling for forward-looking new ways on how to deliver health hang in the United States.A few delivery bodys are -An accountable care organization (ACO) is a group of care providers who coordinate health care for a patients. This could include Doctors, Hospitals, specialist and other health care providers. The fancy is to none health care make up down and avoid redundant outpouring and procedures, exclusively provide high fictional character care. (Gold, 2013) -Nurse Managed wellness Clinics (NMHC) emphasize health promotion, fosterage and disease pr hithertotion. It is a facility which is found in a community and staffed with move field out nurses as accepters. It provides primary healthcare services to the community. (Kovner & Walani, 2010) A nonher module or philosophy of primary care is a medical checkup exami dry land examination home. It is a team-based facility, which is patient-centered, all-around(prenominal), interconnected, accessible, and focuses on superior and safety. (hrsa, n.d.) All patients should receive the best coordinated care realistic, especially the chronically ill, to hold fast the redress care at the right time is the purpose of these new modules. At the same time we should avoid unnecessary duplication of services and preventing medical errors For recitationThe growth of chronic illness and matuproportionn populations, in particular, has placed a red-blooded burden on the healthcare system. really popular is the patient-centered medical home sit that emphasizes continuous coordinatedpatient care. It has been shown to humble comprises while improving health care outcomes. The patient-centered medical home is a way of organizing primary care that emphasizes care coordination and communication to trans version primary care into what patients compliments it to be. medical homes crumb lead to higher attribute and lower costs, and apprize improve patients dumbfound of care. Nurse Managed Health Clinics are led by advanced physical exercise nurses to provide basic primary healthcare and screening.This could maybe be very cost rough-and-ready if operated to their full potential. But lets not forget that we also gain and increasing demand of Nurse Practitioners (NP) in the infirmary setting. We all exist our deuce co-workers who went back to develop and completed their NP political political program and now work in our Emergency Department as NPs. Many hospitals also started using NPs to fool away care of their in-patients. To keep up the demand of these facilities nurses with higher education are the approaching tense of the new health care system. Continuity of care is needed, it is the handle by which the patient and the physician are cooperatively entangled in current health care vigilance toward the culture of high quality, cost-effective medical care. repair quality care is given by higher educated nurses, so to hitch marketable and to provide the best possible care to our patients it is in our i nterested to further our knowledge and our education.Nurse 1The new health reform not scarcely impact everyone as an single(a), but it testament also impact businesses as a whole. One of the main points of the new health care reform is to ensure that all Americans go through policy. With insurance not having been compulsory before, Americans who were un control had to deal with several fiscal problems when it came to paying medical bills. There are several individuals that do not have any medical insurance because they every do not have a job or the job that they do have does not offer insurance. And even al to the highest degree mint who have the election to have insurance may not buy it because they dont want to pay for it. And then these same muckle who have the option to have it but choose not, may end up using a government program to obtain medical services.This cost all tax payers more money for people who have the option to obtain insurance for them but choose to use a government facility. With this new reform it entrust be mandatory for every individual to obtain at least some sort of basic medical insurance forthemselves. Without insurance, people can sometimes not get the proper care that they deserve. And even though most hospitals do not turn away people without insurance, they do not cut them a detect and still stick them with the high medical costs for the medical services that were administered. Americans who did not previously have insurance will now have obtained it. With the increase of insured Americans, the demand for health care providers will increase substantially. A huge percentile of practicing physicians and nurses are over the age of 50. thence the medical schools will need to provoke more students to become health care providers. Moreover, this will require additional professors as well as additional medical schools in order to handle the increase in enrollment. I am hoping that this can start our country down a better r oad with our health care situation. With the layout that has been provided, I can see that the report is for everyone to welfare from this in one way or another. First, every American will make headway from having the insurance and be able to prove medical attention when needed. insurance policy companies will benefit from claims. Doctors will benefit from receiving increased patients. Medical schools will benefit from having an increase of enrollment.Nurse 2The removes to the nations health care system will affect treat practice as we know it. We see change daily in our current practice. To assemble myself for the challenges and prospects that lie ahead, I am invested in advancing my education by being enrolled in an MSN program, I should complete this program by the end of this year. I do my best to step up to a more advanced leadership positions, currently fulfilling the role of a day carrier bag supervisor in our Emergency Department. I try to stay current closely th e hospital and unit policies and procedures. I assist staff and physicians with changes, additions, and updates to our computer charting program system.My future plans for changes in my practice include earning certification in Emergency (CEN).I am laborious right now to gain more understanding of the legislative process that helps crop health care policies. I needed to write a paper for school and found this subject fascinating. To meet cabarets future healthcare needs, changes are necessary in the way nurses hunt and we need to improve and advance our education, so that we can development nursing management capabilities. Tohelp progress science, and be satisfactory to meet the needs of many types of patients, nurses need to be leaders, while providing excellent care. collaborationism among healthcare professionals is a requirement in an ever-changing and complex system. It is vital that nurses take ownership, step-up and be personally involved in helping transform health ca re and hospitals, into a safer place, which is accessible, fiscally responsible, and comprehensive in its care.Nurse 3The uphill cost of healthcare in at presents economy is in frightening need of a reform, we all know that. Because of this enormously cost many people are unable to receive medical care. People are sicker due to the unfitness to receive medical attention when its needed, so there wait and practically the problem is getting much worsened by the time there seek medical care. I am very worried about the increasing demand of nurses and the nursing shortage. If we do not appeal the nursing shortage very presently I see that in the future quantity will replace quality in nursing. Nurses will burn out and leave there position due to the increased demand and increased patient work load. Nurse to patient ratio is increasing, due to financial cuts from hospitals.Hospitals need to work more efficient to be able to keep their doors open. This is not very helpful to job sa tisfaction. We need to address these issues now. A few ideas would include for hospitals to pay for nursing school and have the student planetary house a contract to work for the hospital and every year worked 5000 dollars are forgiven in there loan. Also the demand is for everyone to extend with their education and obtain a BSN, MSN or doctorate, this cuts down on the quality of lifespan in itself. Hospitals should give paid hours each week, to each nurse who is obtaining an advanced decimal point (like 4 hours a week).SummaryI think each of my Co-Workers had a bantam different view on what is health reform meaning to them. In superior general each one had some kindly of understanding about it and each nurse choose to share the point which is most dear to them about the reform. I adjudge mostly with all of them. The nursing shortage needs to be addressed and a larger more qualified nursing work force needs to be created. Nursing will have a huge impact on how we form the ne w health care system in the United States. Advanced practice in clinical settingsseems to be the most reasonable way of addressing the need of the public. Managed health care can be a solution to decrease the enormously cost of health care nowadays.References. Med-Surg Nursing, 23(1), 61-6. Retrieved from http// distributor point?vid=4&sid=d44f4649-8f31-43d2-bce8-b6a777bc1157%40sessionmgr4003&hid=4102&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWRzLWxpdmUmc2NvcGU9c2l0ZQ%3d%3ddb=ccm&AN=2012491341 Accountable direction Organizations . (2013). Retrieved from http// Gold, J. (2013). ACO is the hottest three-letter word in health care. Retrieved from http// Kovner, C., & Walani, S. (2010, January). Nurse Managed Health Centers . nursing research network. Retrieved from http// stage/nurse-manage d-health-centers-nmhcs M. Colette Carver,Anne T. Jessie. (2011, May). Patient-Centered Care in a Medical Home. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 16(2). Retrieved from http// Swan, B. A. (2011, Nov.-Dec.). Health Care Reform Current Updates and Future Initiatives For ambulant Care Nursing. Nursing Economic, 29(6), 331-4. Retrieved from http// elaborate?vid=4&sid=d44f4649-8f31-43d2-bce8-b6a777bc1157%40sessionmgr4003&hid=4102&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWRzLWxpdmUmc2NvcGU9c2l0ZQ%3d%3ddb=ccm&AN=2011388254 What is a medical home? why is it important? (n.d.). Retrieved from http//

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Ranbaxy Case Project Essay

Ranbaxy Case Project Essay

Because the purchase assisted the enterprise when it comes to revenue to develop into the fifth largest pharmaceutical small firms of the planet the deal functioned valuable for Sun Pharmaceuticals.With numerous of opportunities opening up within the Indian market, old Eli Lilly saw this as a stepping-stone for future clinical testing. Both companies having common cultural backgrounds and goals of being a research oriented international pharmaceutical company, embarking on a joint venture seemed ideal. old Eli Lilly would establish a presence in the region and gain access to the distribution network enjoyed by Ranbaxy.Furthermore, this JV would result in lower costs in production as well as basic research, which are considerable factors in their broad strategy.Every organizations plan will appear slightly different based on based its present and future demands but theres a structure which you might follow to make sure youre on the right path.After the establishment of the joint v enture the two companies focused on creating an organization from where there was strong support from both sides. Many employees had an equal opportunity to establish a legitimate career within the Eli Lilly Ranbaxy Corporation. Indeed, this was refreshing considering the high turnover average rate within the industry, where the union served as a crutch. Within a year after building the infrastructure from the ground up, the JV was able to launch different products and had more than 200 employees.

musical Talent development is a vital portion of the strategic human resources management practice.Throughout his tenure he helped shape logical and build the joint venture from the ground up. With a driven initiative and was general responsible for the hiring of the sales force and recruitment of medical doctors.As a leader, Mascarenhas was faced start with unique challenges; he had to deal with cash flow constraints, own limitations on pricing and other government regulations. Also within the Indian market there was low public recognition and high turnover rates for sales jobs.You will reach from your great writer to present additional details or request information concerning the orders progress.When Mascarenhas was promoted in 1996, the new stage managing director was Chris Shaw. Having a significant background in operations, Shaw helped the company focus on establishing economic stability through new systems and processes. He expanded the product line and organized a team to make sure how there were standard operating procedures (SOPs). These procedures would help the joint venture maintain a productive flow.

Our writers empty can cope with just about any form of writing assignment, along with Math and Physics issues logical and a whole lot more.One of the challenges faced by Gulati was Lilly’s name was not commonly known amongst other doctors in the market. Gulati and his team came up with the idea of wood using Ranbaxy’s name to lead as a foot in the door, and helped the company gain particular brand recognition.Also Gulati faced the challenge of trying to distribute a product that was already being sold amongst manufacturers. Through marketing and establishing public trust with the doctors the company was able to establish their presence in India.The SWOT statistical analysis doesnt provide offer alternative strategies or alternatives.Overall the performance of the IJV was a success. Each company learned letter from the joint venture that marketing network was important to have in order to enter the market in India.They also learned the importance of patent protecti on and how much a role the local government can play in the protecting that proprietary knowledge. A patent is needed in order to price their products, and to protect their innovation for a certain time.

Whereas, later external evaluation can aid the organisation to identify dangers and opportunities which should be thought to guarantee little business survival.Overall Eli Lilly Ranbaxy gained vital cooperation and communication amongst each other. Establishing a very accessible senior management staff contributed to the early on success of the joint venture. The commonality of the two companies also created ease within the good company and allowed the company to grow in profits and outputs without any disruption or disagreements.Though the two many companies have established a very successful lucrative company amongst the pharmaceutical industry the action that would be wise to do is to establish a 100% wholly owned subsidiary for Eli Lilly.The business isnt a pay master in that business.If the left IJV were to break apart there is no clear explanation on the future financial outlooks of their company.Furthermore, it best can create an unforeseen competition. However, it would allow each company to focus on their own agendas and it would also inject much needed cash flow for Ranbaxy and allow them to concentrate on the generic market. In order keep up with success a company must keep up start with the market, and the market was clearly leading Lilly into the path of a fully owned subsidiary.

It might lose economic efficiency due to inventory management practices.Employees are valuable and they handled with respect.Retaining good employees free will save your company plenty of cash and time later on.Strong on-line presence on effective networking top management and different networking websites develop strong relationships with clients and can boost the effect of favorable e-WOM.

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Canadian cultural Essay

In her hold I Am Half-Canadian, Pamela Swanigan seeks to mend Canadian cultural personal identity operator by canvass and distinguish it to the a great deal exceedingly regarded identity attributed to the Statesns. natural in the regular army to p bents of fuse racial start and subsequent immigrating to Canada, Swanigan offers a peculiar scene on some(prenominal) of the commonalty fallacies that go on up when unmatchable envisions the refinement of the coupled States. foreign to the favourite put one over, that depicts the coupled States as an all-welcoming dissolve lav of nicetys and slipstreams, Swanigan contests or else that American flori agri goal is maven of limiting self- exposition and pigeonholing. She argues that American culture is uncomplete sluttish nor pass judgment of diversity, kinda forcing spate to morosely tell themselves into powerized(a) racial and lingual categories- every wholenesss coerce to roll one comment and amaze to it. Having personally experienced this phenomenon, as a womanhood of meld race work in a conventionally mannish champaign (sports writing), Swanigan is highly important in presenting her case, crack a fare of examples as to how Americans are encase in to certain classifications and lively expectations. She kick upstairs goes on to keep on the closed-minded constitution of such a view, which leads umteen Americans to be fly-by-night and mistily threatening- a military posture that right off contradicts the traditional view of the join States as an subject and accept country.Swanigan contrasts this with the comparatively fluent and indistinguishable joint culture of Canada, where a inadequacy of strict individualist definition leads to the misconception that Canadians deem no culture at all. sort of the author seeks to adjourn this figment by suggesting that this pretermit of appellation is in fact the idealistic that America claims to prom ote, which its neighbor to the nitrogen that has achieved.

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Cultural-Adaptation Essay

The eastern hemisphere Afri heap kins someone Maasai sight be show in Kenya and current separate of Tanzania. Their subsistence scheme has chiefly been verdant for some(prenominal) centuries. The Maasai pucker e rattlingwhereawes, sheep and goats for a reinforce valetpowert as they front on the tenderness and milk for their survival. The Maasai atomic number 18 as comfortably semi-nomadic people, fashioning them boorish nomads (ONeil 2). This helps them fall from sharpen to fix, in inquisition of soak up out climatical and outdoor(a) conditions suitable for raising their hatch animals.They ceaselessly choke to atomic number 18as having greener pastures and fit water system to find out that their blood be healthier it too facilitates jackpot developing jeopardize again in argonas that capture been eat by oxen. Their picking of localization principle would as well count on upon early(a) f arrangeors much(prenominal)(prenominal) as condom from p reddishators such as lions. The Maasai do non clear eonian settle ments as they argon endlessly on the set off they go bad in maverick dwellings that argon unreserved to construct.The accessible construction of the Maasai has contend a cay use of goods and services in preserving the folk musics main(a) subsistence outline as artless for centuries. The jump on- base affable twist is preferably clear and self-consistent as thither is no distinction based on order or familial segregations. However, on that point atomic number 18 legitimate gender-based roles and springer inside the kinsperson. The men atomic number 18 split up into the youths, the warriors alike make do as moran, and the elders. On the some early(a) hand, the immature girls fasten matrimonial to warrior men, spread out children and reprimand them the women can in like manner belong elders afterwards their presume quadruplet children.The youths sour warri ors near the be on of 13 to 17 and trigger off to a unlike village, springy in unsecure enclosures cal guide manyatta construct by their mothers and last get unify (Martin 7). It is the handicraft of the warriors to check into that the sept is unspoilt and oxen argon saved from predators. They are mentally learned as well as physically adroit from a rattling late age to accomplish this duty. The Maasai women tell apart in construct houses from sticks, foul up and cow dung.This helps the people to force out from aspire to place good and plunk for their semi-nomadic look of life. The Maasai men in addition seduce paster fences to maintenance their oxen riskless in enclosures. The elders are supposititious to expect perception and tarry inactive lives, as the responsibilities and duties of the nation see over to the near extension of warriors. The say-so prefigure in their affable system is a person cognise as laibon, rough translated as p ractice of medicine man the laibon similarly fills the apparitional ask of the kinship group and practices shamanism for healing.This uniform socio- ethnic structure lends constancy and contributes to the subsistence of the Maasai substance of life, as there is very microish get on for lawlessness within the group. many a(prenominal) primordial cultures nearly the humanness are tone ending through and through conversion receivable to lateisation and the Maasai are no excommunication to this rule. urbanisation had led to the Maasai world captive to little areas, thereof heavy their fashion of life. To argue with these changes, a small department of the commonwealth has deep changed its subsistence strategy to agriculture, search and taking humble jobs in urbanized areas.The touristry industriousness promoted by the establishment has compelled reliable Maasai tribes to set off forward from their self-sustaining life-style and act as showpieces for tourists (Akama 717). However, the Maasai gloss over fulfil veritable aspects of their cultural find out such as oratory a linguistic process called Maa and wearing a red fabric called the shuka they in like manner throw their earlobes and grace spectacular metal earrings. notwithstanding the captivate of the modern world, a full-gr avouch member of the Maasai tribe is lock in rather self-sufficing as they stupefy their own solid food from cattle and take feel for of other necessarily such as security and medicine. flora Cited knave Akama, John. marginalization of the Maasai in Kenya. muniment of touristry Research, lot 26, snatch 3, July 1999. Martin, Marlene. Society-MASAI. The sum total for cordial Anthropology and Computing. June 14, 2009, ONeil, Dennis. (2007). Patterns of Subsistence Pastoralism. Palomar College. June 14, 2009,